Ensure awareness of the consequences of HIV/AIDS and also to ensure counselling, rehabilitation and care for HIV/ AIDS infected youths and Youth orphans whose parents were victims of HIV/AIDS as well as to mitigate the forces that drive the rapid increase in HIV infections amongst Youth.
Education, Training, and Skills Development
Accords priority to the provision of relevant and affordable quality education that engenders a sense of civic mindedness and fosters the skills that are necessary to participate effectively in the economic development of the country and for the Youth’s self-sustenance.
Participation, Partnership, & Leadership
Stimulate Youth and their integration in the socio-economic and political development of the nation through popular participation in decision-making processes, programmes, and activities.
Poverty & Unemployment
Place emphasis on projects that employ young people’s skills in productive activities as well as enhance skills toward self-employment.
Drug & Substance Abuse
Support the application of increased measures aimed at reducing the increase of drug and substance abuse among young people and the provision of Youth-friendly psychiatric facilities which will assume prominence in efforts aimed at mitigating and reducing drug and substance use among the Youth.
Gender Equity, Equality, and Gender-Based Violence
Empower young women and young men to access equal opportunities and to protect them from any form of abuse given gender differences.
Arts, Media, Sports & Culture
Provide diverse leisure options to all young people to have access to as well as maximize their participation in activities that promote school-to-work transition in all its forms, including access to ICT.
Peace, Security, & Law Enforcement
Ensure that criminal justice institutions provide increased access to justice for the youth so as to reinforce a sense for all, thus preventing the dislocation of sustainable livelihoods as well as the interruption and termination of promising careers.
Environment & Sustainable Development
Increase the capacity and awareness of Youth to implement sustainable development frameworks for the management and utilization of environmental resources for the greater benefit of future generations.
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Improve access to high quality and Youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services provided to reduce the risks of sexually transmitted infections, high teenage pregnancy, and early sexual debut.
As Swaziland National Youth Council (SNYC) our major role is to lobby and advocate for the above programmes to be successfully implemented by the below partners that we collaborate with.
Swaziland National Youth Council's Implementing Partners

Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS). Click here to know more 

Common Wealth. Click here for more

United Nation Population Fund(UNFPA). Click here for more