Boot Camp Program

  • Created by: ENYC Staff
  • Objectives: Youth Issues / Reports
  • Project Partners: ENYC, MoSCYA

Program Info:

The Boot-Camp is an initiative whose vision is to empower and build the capacity of young people between the ages of 15 and 35years old in the country. The objective of this initiative is to witness a rise of courageous, strong and bold young men and women, and this is beneficial to the country as the youth are not just the future, but they are the now.

This camp aims at educating adolescent boys and young men and women in the following aspects of life; leadership and business, mentorship, building an emotional and a spiritual sense of being, the Sexual Offence Domestic Violence Act (SODV) of 2018, physical and mental health and wellbeing, through an exchange of personal experiences.

We are living in a world where all laws are placed against male because statistics point that “they are perpetrators of violence”. This Boys-Only boot-camp therefore provides an opportunity to engage with young men to try and work around changing that narrative.

On the other hand, society has placed immense pressure on women, making them vulnerable, as all powers are vested to men. The Girls-Only boot camp therefore serves as a platform to help turn young women’s lives around as issues affecting the girl-child are be deliberated on during this camp.

In essence, the Bootcamp provides a platform where young men and women learn in a non-discriminatory and free environment and a set-up where they will feel equal, irrespective of color, disability, background and social status. It further, teach them to understand gender barriers in relation to leadership roles and relationships, whilst empowering them on the necessity of academic and social preparation to thrive within the university community.

Upon completion of the camp, the participants set-up a support structure (sisterhood/brotherhood system) for the young men and women beyond the boot camp.