Boot Camp Program

Program Info:

The Berly group is one of South Africa’s companies that possess strong influence and presence in the entrepreneurial industry. The company availed an opportunity to the youth situated in all African countries through its holding company, The Village. The 16 youth members that represented Eswatini in a boot camp to showcase their business skills and talents were young people who were categorised as mentally and emotionally fit in entrepreneurial space according to The Village’s standards.

ENYC has proved to hold their heads high with confidence about young entrepreneurs of its country. The National Youth Policy, 2020 expands on youth entrepreneur and innovation development which serves as a guideline/ reference for the organization to successfully and strategically plan until execution of programs. The boot camp initiative was in line with the council’s activities, therefore, it came with ease and great enthusiasm to be catalytic in ensuring that the future economic players attend one of the biggest capacity exercises in Africa.

As per the council’s mandate of promoting and supporting youth empowering programmes in collaboration with partners and stakeholders. The Village experience opportunity availed to the youth was an outcome of the ENYC’s mobilization efforts in forging productive relationships with youth serving partners in the entrepreneurial space and other disciplines local and internationally.

The fortunate sixteen had highly intriguing business ideas in the field of ICT, Energy and Agriculture, hence winning the opportunity to participate in the seven day boot camp. The youth engagement gained them significant business skills in networking, creating strategic business allies, critical thinking and decision-making skills, the stages of ICT based platform as a medium for electronic advancement of their business opportunities, and business related information through active engagements with captains of industries from varies sectors.

The boot camp was pronounced as Eswatini’s celebrated youth initiative, however the same prominent company was left hungry for more innovation by the youth, part 2 surfaced. A competition in Cape Town running from the 26th of September to the 29th of October, applications are opened to the same group of 16 attendees will and only 10 will be selected to present their businesses in front of a panel of prominent. With a price of one million cash is at stake and a gold networking opportunity, globally.