State of Youth Report

  • Created by: ENYC Staff
  • Completed on: 17th March 2015
  • Objectives: Youth Issues / Reports
  • Project Partner: ENYC, UNFPA, MoSCYA

Project Info:

The Youth being the cornerstone of development and economic growth in Swaziland is evident in the high population of young people which stands at 79%; however, this cannot be realized if they are subjected to a number of relentless challenges.

Dominant to these are the issues of Unemployment, Access to all health services especially sexual reproductive health services, Access to Education including remaining in school and eventually accessing tertiary education to name a few.

The report therefore gives insight on the areas that need attention from the Government, development partners and other relevant stakeholders. This report will assist in programme engineering and implementation for Swazi youth, thus increasing the impact of programmes put in place for the young population.

A growing youth population faces challenges of the accessibility of education, the safety of the educational environment, high levels of unemployment and poverty, and low levels of access to appropriate sexual and reproductive health services.

Perhaps as an outcome of some of these factors, young people appear to be engaging in more and more crime, and do not have support structures to divert them away from these activities and back into productive members of society.

Young people are also struggling with alcohol and substance use, face an uphill battle in participatory governance, and have limited ways of developing and exploring their creativity.

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