Tinkhundla Youth Associations

  • Created by: ENYC Staff
  • Objectives: Youth Empowerment/ Engagement
  • Project Partners: ENYC, CODEC

Program Info:

This association was established by ENYC designed to align with Government decentralization strategy to ensure youth development at Inkhundla level. It helps to create safe and valid platforms for our country’s youth to showcase their leadership, management and financial skills.

The young people who are elected into the Youth Association are required to represent the youth at Constituency level. They are then capacitated with leadership, management as well as co-operative philosophy and formation among other skills. The established co-operative identifies a potential income-generating project, supported by the ENYC. The co-operative seeks to benefit a wider proportion of the youth in the respective constituencies. The TYA initiative becomes an engineer for economic transformation through creation of jobs, businesses and improvement of livelihoods and well-being. It therefore creates a pathway for the country’s youth to develop holistically.

The ENYC has established Tinkhundla Youth Associations in all 59 constituencies and has trained 10 Youth Associations from 10 constituencies in the Lubombo and Shiselweni Region. These trainings are set to cover all 59 constituencies.