Shiselweni Youth Business Expo

Program Info:

The Eswatini Strategic Roadmap 2019 – 2022 aims at improving SME participation to the economy and foster international trade. Youth in the Shiselweni Region experience a broad range of challenges these include: Early sexual debut, High teenage pregnancy, Sexual gender-based violence, High HIV incidence rate and high level of unemployment. The above challenges affect mostly the younger age category of 15-24 which is a very critical stage in which a young person is at crossroads about life

In line with the Government of Eswatini performance targets the Shiselweni Region is gearing towards achieving the following; service delivery, intensify crime prevention programmes, keeping Shiselweni clean, promotion of tourism through identifying new tourist sites, preventing forest fires, youth empowerment and career fairs.

The business expo seeks to empower, educate, connect and expose the youth of Shiselweni to Business mentors, Vocational training skills and Business opportunities. Young entrepreneurs in the Region are also exposed to Government tendering machinery, Funding and Entrepreneurship enterprises in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

It covers content from practical business support to advice on how to generate sound business ideas. The youth benefit by getting information and innovations from a number of entrepreneurs, exhibitors and organizations that present their content in terms of presentations, or by displaying stalls.

• To empower and educate the youth on available business opportunities.
• To create and promote innovations in entrepreneurship skills for the Shiselweni youth.
• To provide a platform that will connect youth businesses to local opportunities.
• To foster and increase economic growth and youth participation in business ventures.
• To exhibit local businesses and enhance collaborations for business growth.

The overall impact of the Shiselweni Youth Business Expo is to foster entrepreneurship competencies in young people. Empower young people to be self-aware, optimistic, business oriented and resilient. To develop empathy in young people in the Region for collaborative and display increased entrepreneurship and business management skills to change the region.