Youth Policy Review

  • Created by: ENYC Staff
  • Objectives: Youth Issues / Reports
  • Project Partners: ENYC, MoSCYA, UNFPA

Program Info:

In 2009, Eswatini developed its first national youth policy. The policy was developed to devise programmes that seek to improve the lives of young people in Eswatini. The policy formed the basis for developing opportunities for all young people. It was/is targeted at young women between the ages 15-35 years of age. Significance changes on the population dynamics have taken place since then and given the new environment, a revised understanding and fresh efforts to address youth development issues compel a revised policy. The youth policy was reviewed in 2019 and the ENYC coordinated the policy development process in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs. The launch of the policy in 2020, followed wide ranging consultations with stakeholders and young people taking into consideration the important differences within youth groups and the varying challenges they face. It is for this reason that, the engagements did not leave behind, young persons living with disabilities, young persons living with HIV/AIDS, high-school going youth and young adults, and both young people living in rural areas and urban perimeters.

In line with the national Vision, the purpose of the youth policy is to provide a common and mutual understanding on the importance and areas of youth development among all concerned groups and individuals in Eswatini and to set guidelines for the address of youth related issues through a cross-sectorial and integrated approach.

The youth policy is a framework for youth development across the country and further sets guidelines for the implementation of youth related programs, as well as ensure sufficient investment by the government and other stakeholders in youth related matters through the provision of prudent investment procedures and implementation guidelines. It recognizes the need for the government and the civil society to work together towards a long –term national youth policy that is coherent, efficient, effective and all mobilizing.

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